FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a method for moving files between computers and servers. There are two basic functions to FTP Client programs:

1) Upload - This function basically copies the file from a computer hard drive to a designated location on a server.
2) Download - This function copies files from the server to a location on a computer hard drive.

Using these two functions, large files can easily be moved between computers. To upload files to New Image Printing & Design's client server, please contact us by email: sales@newimageprinting.net or call: (260) 969-0410 to request login information. Below is a list of recommended FTP Client programs:

FireFTP - This application is a free add-on for the popular free web browser FireFox. (PC and Mac)
FileZilla - Free FTP application. (PC and Mac)
CyberDuck - Free FTP application. (Mac Only)

For recommended file types, file setups, and other important information, please visit our information center.
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